About Us


Our mission is to develop a network of caring people who are devoted to rescuing animals and rebuilding their lives by placing them into loving homes. Our programs are varied. They deal with animals who are in great need of assistance and often of an immediate nature:

  1. WE operate a no-kill shelter/foster home network.
  2. WE provide counseling by phone to hundreds of people regarding the care of their pets. Many of our callers are seniors who desperately need to talk with someone who cares.
  3. We provide one listing for people who have pets who need homes, and another listing for people who need pets. WE counsel these people on placing/adopting pets. WE provide them with pointers on how to advertise and provide them with our listings. (Many hundreds of animals have been placed in this manner.)
  4. WE, in our program, provide full medical and nutritional care of adoptable animals while they are waiting for permanent homes.
  5. WE, whenever possible, rescue animals from shelters and Dog Control Facilities who are in danger due to infections, malnutrition, or euthanasia. We give them a second chance for a good life.


  1. WORKS WITH THE HOMELESS, by either saving their pets by readoption, or
  2. providing temporary care for their pets if it appears that they will be able to reclaim them at a later date.
  3. WORKS WITH SENIORS AND DISABLED PERSONS who must give up their pets due to illness, age, or dissability. If possible, we try to keep the pets in their homes by supplementing food and veterinary care. We will place them in new homes if that becomes necessary.
  4. WORKS WITH THE VARIOUS BATTERED WOMEN'S SHELTERS. More often than not, the animals are the first to receive the vicious attacks. We will keep pets until the family is back on their feet and can reclaim them, or need be, we will find the pets new loving homes.
  5. WORKS WITH LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCiES: Some of the most needy
  6. victims of crimes are the animals who are left behind when their owners are
  7. taken from them. And again we can place these pets in new homes if necessary.